How do I become a Mason

In this jurisdiction, Alberta, the following criteria is required

  • You have now taken the first step - Learning about Freemasonry is the first step to becoming one
  • "A Man, Freeborn, of Mature age (21), of Good Repute and Well Recommended" - The applicant must be a man (Freemasonry is a fraternal organization) and be at least 21 years of age.  He must be of good moral character and demonstrate responsibility in his family and work.  To join a lodge, a man needs to be sponsored by Two (2) masons in good standing who belong to that lodge.
  • "Belief in a Supreme Being" - Freemasonry recognizes all religions and demands that any applicant for admission must believe in a Supreme being.  Contentious Religious or political topics are forbidden to be discussed in a lodge.
  • "Be able to Support one's Self and Family" - The applicant should be financially able to become (and remain) a Mason without being a burden to himself or his family.
  • "Come to masonry of your own free will and accord" - Freemasonry does not "invite" men to become Masons on the contrary they provide information to applicants who must make the decision of whether to join or not.
  • "Residence" - Applicants must have resided in Alberta for one (1) year previous to the date of their petition to join.
  • One of the misconceptions of masonry is that it is an invitational organization.  To become a mason one only needs to ask.  Masons do not solicit members. 


Which Lodge should I join

  • There are several Lodges in Calgary and the surrounding area.  If you know someone who already belongs to a lodge, you may wish to ask them about Masonry.
  • If you are serious about joining a Lodge, check our "Local and District Lodges" to see if the location or date of a particular Lodge is more convenient for you.
  • Cornerstone Lodge #19 meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month , except July and August and we would be honored to meet and talk with you about Masonry.
  • Want to find out more?  Send us an email.  You will find our contact information under the contact tab on this website.

Would you like to join Cornerstone Lodge #19

Meet with Brethren of Cornerstone Lodge #19

  • One of the criteria to join a Lodge is to be sponsored by Two (2) members of the Lodge
  • The first step to join is to meet with two (2) members of Cornerstone Lodge in a very relaxed atmosphere.  This allows you and possibly your spouse to meet and ask questions, learn about social and family events, meetings and cost.
  • If you make the decision that you are ready to join a Brotherhood of men with common interests and beliefs, then the next step begins.
  • You will be invited to attend 3 or 4 of our Festive Boards (Supper)to meet many of the members of Cornerstone and give the Brethren of Cornerstone the opportunity to meet you and get to know you so they may be able to make an informed decision about you on your petition.  This also gives you an opportunity to meet the members of Cornerstone Lodge and make an informed decision about joining the Lodge.
  • You may be asked to provide a police report.

The Application Process


  • A "Letter of Information" and an application for or "Petition" are completed by you and signed by two (2) members of Cornerstone Lodge.
  • The petition is presented in open Lodge and the Worshipful Master will form an "Investigation Committee" consisting of three (3) members of the Lodge, and not your sponsors, who will then make arrangements to meet with you and your spouse.  Though called an "Investigation Committee", this is really an informal get-together that allows you and your significant other to ask questions about the fraternity, and assure the Lodge that you are eligible to join and haven't been coerced to join.
  • Ballot information is printed in the Monthly Lodge Notice and distributed to all of the members of Cornerstone Lodge so that all members have an opportunity to ballot on your petition at the next regular meeting.
  • At the next Lodge meeting the "Investigating Committee" reports their findings and if favorable, a secret ballot is held. 


The Initiation

  • If there is a positive ballot, the Worshipful Master asks the Secretary to advise you of the same, and he will then ask you to present yourself at the Lodge at a particular date and time for your initiation. 
  •  You will then receive the three (3) degrees of Masonry.
  • These degrees are steeped in history beginning with the First Degree, the Entered Apprentice Degree, followed by the second degree, the Fellow Craft Degree, and finally the third degree, that being the Master Mason Degree.
  • The three (3) degrees may take up to a year to a year and a half to complete.  This is a journey not a destination.

Financial Considerations

  • Initiation Fees and Annual Dues can vary from Lodge to Lodge.  It is expected that a candidate for admission will meet his financial obligations.
  • Initiation fees are levied according to the cost of Aprons, Grand Lodge of Alberta and District per capita fees and other costs associated with the candidates initiation into Freemasonry.
  • Annual Dues are levied according to the annual expenses of the Lodge to operate as well as Grand Lodge of Alberta and District per capita fees.